Covid-19 Response

As we see the number of Covid-19 cases rise across the United States, it is impacting many businesses, including MyGalaxyCove. In uncertain times like these, small businesses like ours need your support more than ever. 

Here at MyGalaxyCove there are no machines putting your orders in boxes. No conveyor belts and no automation. We have real people that are excited to come in to hand-pack each and every order knowing that we are sending a little taste of excitement with every shipment.

We are also experiencing higher costs of shipping from our factory to our warehouses. We are pushing against price increases as we know how that may affect our customers. 

Lastly, it is taking longer to get items delivered to our warehouses from our factory, so you may see some items have a note mentioning that there is a delay. We will try our best to ship items as promptly as possible, but as the situation continues to evolve, we will continue to adjust accordingly.

If you'd like to support our business during these tough times, you can continue to purchase our products, so that we can continue operating. We appreciate your understanding, and will continue to post updates on this page, as needed.